Why am I diving in the Dark?…

Not much to say, no less to say.
I only dive around, I only hope to see the Light.
I dream, I shiver, I fly, but all is cold and dreams pass by.
I am alone and yet I’m not, my dear ones await my smile,
Angelic faces trail in Shadow.

I chose to stop but not so soon,
I chose to be be a Dark Fulcrum,
The Storm, the I of it I shall…
Embraced by the Nightmares
I flap Black Wings over fate rivers.

I have the choice to rise or sink,
If only mind could be contained
To simple facts and no regrets.
The road ahead is cold and grim
But hearts don’t lie and eyes can see
That all is just outside of me…

Inside I See, inside I stop and count
Infinity and streams and dreams…
The Eagle watches over all,
A Dark Delictum, storms arise.
No need to cry, just to forgive
And let the fire inside flow…

This is no end, and should not be, I walk on and hope for all is beautiful and strong. Since Power guides us all in this flow. We pass through time, we only pass, so no need to stop on simple knots or larger Storms.

Don’t ask me why, don’t ask me how, I pray…


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