A good weekend

.Unconventional start.
I just wrote the whole blog post on my mobile phone (Opera Mini browser) and…. the text was not saved. 😦
So no more bloging from mobiles for me… sometimes we have too much faith in technology… and me, as a tester, should have known better.
.End rant.

So what about the weekend?
Well, it was a good one. A bit of house chores (who doesn’t love them? :)), a bit of food creation fiesta and lots of time spent with the kids.

Maya is a bit … difficult to manage/live these days. She’s stubborn, anxious, fast changing, eager and bored in the same time. We really have to emphasis alot on the NO and DON’T parts… She even stamped a wall… But, a sweety after all. And beautifull, soo beautifull. See the image at the end.

Now to the “little” part. Brian. He’s a lovely fast growing boy. Lots of laughing, gurgling and eating. I just love him. And Maya too. And my Lady too 🙂
We are glad Brian is OK now, just small irks and bits we have to watch out. I spent quite a chunk of my time watching over him (feeding, wondering, diapers and stuff).

What about the rest? Well, we had a visit from some family friends. Eating pizza, talking and watching kids playing was all about it. A bit tired after, but all is good.
And, the last but not the least, I had a good time spent with my Lady. We just wait for the weather to get warmer, to walk in the park, to be embraced by the Sun, to watch the kids play and laugh.

And me? As usual, family time, as described above. Beyond that I started watching Storm Warriors and Tears to Tiara. I just love animes. So touching.
And I got a fixation to try out Homeworld 2 (again..) and Freespace 2. But still, WoW eats most of my tiny spare gaming time.

Oh, and being weekend, I almost forgot. My dear Lady started teaching me how to play (on our “piano”) the great song Sirenia – Seven Sirens and a Silver Tear
All I can say is… listen to it. Great effect and sublime interpretation.

Now to end the brible, I’m back at work. Meetings, usual stuff, blah… Java-ing around.
At least my Lady and Brian visited and he made everyone around smile. A

Maya Diana - and her family :)

P.S. ATM listening to Siebenburgen – Levande Begravd


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