Ever wanted a nice looking desktop?

Fare not far my friends, there is a little free tool I discovered which may help in this quest.
I present you the … Rainmeter. It’s not rainy it just shines at what it can do.

Here is the official link: Rainmeter Official Site.

So what’s so special about it?
Well, just check bellow how’s my workspace desktop looking now.

After a bit of time meddling around it you can modify anything, add any stuff you want and make it look great.
A good place for resources, to customize your Windoze system is DeviantArt site.

Well, I won’t go deep into this, you have to try it to see what it does… of course ONLY if you are interested in such “trivial” stuff 🙂 Coding themes and skins is fun, if you get the hang of it.


Brian – The Lovely One

Not much to say in this post, just sharing 2 small clips with my son.

Bumping around

Here we go again

He’s soooo cute. And lately he became much more active, he calls us, he enjoys having us around, he loves to gurgle and we believe that his first teeth are about to come out.


Like a River

What is my Life like?

Today I got struck by a memory, a feeling I had, I have and I will have. My Life is like a river. And now I’m about at the middle point. And the great infinite Ocean awaits.

The river starts shy, on a mountain peak. It’s alive and sparkling and moving fast. As it moves on it becomes bigger, it gathers power and momentum. It’s young and dreaming of greatness. We all know what it means to be young/child like. All is a possibility, all is a dream, a gateway to Unknown.

The river moves one and leaves the mountains behind. It flows on leaner slopes, between the hills, it finds a way, it shapes a way for himself. All is green around, all is settled now. The river is the foundation for new lives. I feel like being here now.

Entering the great planes, the river gets bigger and slower. It can feel the smell of the Ocean. The river will still have his use, but the flow is like a sakura in the autumn wind. Gently touching the borders. I just remember the future…

And, in the end, the river meets the Ocean. It dissolves, it returns to the Great Spirit. There is nothing to surpass the infinity of the Ocean, the vastness of the never-ending waves.

I feel the flow, I am the flow, I am nothing… But the Ocean is there. Waiting. And is also here. Acceptance is the path to Self. Shanti…

Have a great life all of you who can feel… the River.

A car… what car… a future car

So, as the title suggests I’m looking for a car. Not just looking, but wanting a car 🙂
A family car to be precise. To zooooom me around the town, outside the town and next year outside the country for a long time planned holiday.

So far I’ve been looking for more than a year. Looking and looking till my eyes started to bleed 🙂
There are many options, many paths but some tend to stick to my “pleasure” centers like a glue.

So, here it is… what I would like to buy…
Is this the right choice? Time will tell…

P.S. L.E. No, not the right car for what I can afford… See the other post….

What is Negaterium?


Well, I just searched this word “negaterium” on Google. The results are less conclusive and informative than looking for planet Pluto using a lens underwater.
I read somewhere, sometime ago that negaterium is a certain type of substance without any link with the reason I chose this particular alias.

The funny thing is that most results returned posts made by me on several forums… Go figure. And GLP is the place with the most woo-woo :).

So, what is negaterium? For me, I think, it’s linked with the sanskrit concept of “neti, neti” – “not this, not that”. It’s about negating everything which is not the Self. In the end the Self is not that or the other :). It may sound a “bit” negative, but I see it to be negative in a positive way, not accepting made-belief truths, concepts or ideas.

And of course, Negaterium shifts the mind perception to dark, gothic things. Something obscure but powerful, esoteric but with a certain presence in a concrete universe. It’s like an old sword, untouched by time, a dark sword ready to descend… Some gloom, some doom, but there is a shining core in all of us.