What is Negaterium?


Well, I just searched this word “negaterium” on Google. The results are less conclusive and informative than looking for planet Pluto using a lens underwater.
I read somewhere, sometime ago that negaterium is a certain type of substance without any link with the reason I chose this particular alias.

The funny thing is that most results returned posts made by me on several forums… Go figure. And GLP is the place with the most woo-woo :).

So, what is negaterium? For me, I think, it’s linked with the sanskrit concept of “neti, neti” – “not this, not that”. It’s about negating everything which is not the Self. In the end the Self is not that or the other :). It may sound a “bit” negative, but I see it to be negative in a positive way, not accepting made-belief truths, concepts or ideas.

And of course, Negaterium shifts the mind perception to dark, gothic things. Something obscure but powerful, esoteric but with a certain presence in a concrete universe. It’s like an old sword, untouched by time, a dark sword ready to descend… Some gloom, some doom, but there is a shining core in all of us.


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