Like a River

What is my Life like?

Today I got struck by a memory, a feeling I had, I have and I will have. My Life is like a river. And now I’m about at the middle point. And the great infinite Ocean awaits.

The river starts shy, on a mountain peak. It’s alive and sparkling and moving fast. As it moves on it becomes bigger, it gathers power and momentum. It’s young and dreaming of greatness. We all know what it means to be young/child like. All is a possibility, all is a dream, a gateway to Unknown.

The river moves one and leaves the mountains behind. It flows on leaner slopes, between the hills, it finds a way, it shapes a way for himself. All is green around, all is settled now. The river is the foundation for new lives. I feel like being here now.

Entering the great planes, the river gets bigger and slower. It can feel the smell of the Ocean. The river will still have his use, but the flow is like a sakura in the autumn wind. Gently touching the borders. I just remember the future…

And, in the end, the river meets the Ocean. It dissolves, it returns to the Great Spirit. There is nothing to surpass the infinity of the Ocean, the vastness of the never-ending waves.

I feel the flow, I am the flow, I am nothing… But the Ocean is there. Waiting. And is also here. Acceptance is the path to Self. Shanti…

Have a great life all of you who can feel… the River.


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