Ever wanted a nice looking desktop?

Fare not far my friends, there is a little free tool I discovered which may help in this quest.
I present you the … Rainmeter. It’s not rainy it just shines at what it can do.

Here is the official link: Rainmeter Official Site.

So what’s so special about it?
Well, just check bellow how’s my workspace desktop looking now.

After a bit of time meddling around it you can modify anything, add any stuff you want and make it look great.
A good place for resources, to customize your Windoze system is DeviantArt site.

Well, I won’t go deep into this, you have to try it to see what it does… of course ONLY if you are interested in such “trivial” stuff 🙂 Coding themes and skins is fun, if you get the hang of it.


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