SC2 Beta – I’m in!

Well, I’m in. The Mighty Beta.
The sad part is that I don’t have much time to play and not always the right mood… I lost quite a few games to much more experienced players.
Other than that the game is great, I will manage somehow to get it when it “sheeps” :).

The funny part is that I got my invite on an old account (initial US WoW account….). And a few days ago I even got another invite to give it to a friend, hope I made L happy. /././

Now a bit about the game… Well, how to put it, it’s Starcraft — reloaded. Seems much like SC1, but with upgraded graphics, units and stuff. The feeling is almost the same, furious gameplay, great tactical possibilities. And it’s polished, oh yea, even in this beta phase the game “stinks” “Blizzard TM” all over. I can understand now the philosophy at the Blizz HQ… “when it’s done”.
The graphics are not, how to put it, “amazing”, just better than WC3. Overall the visuals are pretty and supporting the gameplay and the general idea of the game.
The sound, well, just try to click fast on a unit and … you will laugh :). The music, the effects, the voices – great quality and implementation.
The gameplay, as expected is kind of tuned for competition, e-sport, but in tune with my expectations for single-player game.

General impression? Game on! A worthy successor of SC1, this one will make history as well.

Back to playing now…. aaa work 🙂

Small update here…. I got 6 keys to give to friends. Talking about luck. Only 1 left now. Anyone? 🙂


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