Weaving through the Shadows

As every soul stares into the void, as every candle reflects the light of the far stars, so we are alone with God when we turn towards the inner Dark or Light.
How can we be alone when two presences are involved?… We cannot, when we are with God we are no more, there is only the infinite existence which does not think, does not ponder, does not judge… We just are. Sublime infinity.

So, in a way, I return to my old topic of stopping the mill… When mind ends there is the abyss, the final answer.
When mind ends, you cease to be a peon of other minds… And in the beginning we walk alone on the no-mind path. Buddha will only show you the way, will point you to the Sanctuary, but you/I/us have to step on the path alone, there is no hand-shaking and outside rewards.

And, if you meet Buddha on the path then … slay him 🙂 The path is the absence of experience, so any God you meet there you have to pass past it. If you ever reach the end of the path then the ultimate truth is revealed. So far, so close, a step in the right direction, a witch’s flight in the night and the darkest shadow may turn into blinding light… or vice versa.

As Osho said, it doesn’t matter in the end if you use the Light or the Darkness to silence the ego, the mind, the great deceiver. All that matters is to do it and when the ocean is still there is only pure reflection. And shadows will dance on the mirror.

For me the darkness is more appealing to silence the ego. It’s hard to meditate with eyes wide open in the light 🙂

So, good luck everyone and just stop… the… mill.

… and listen Trobar de Morte.


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