Lumix … what’s Lumix?

Well, Lumix is a sub-brand. From Panasonic. And it’s a name which can be found on the front of my new super-zoom photo camera FZ38.
I won’t be listing up whole spec sheets here but a link to a review I liked can fill in the knowledge gaps related to this camera.

Photography Blog Review

I started the quest to get a new camera since my old shooting camera (Panasonic NV21) gave up on her motric skills…
So, in the beginning I was torn between Canon SX1 IS and Sony HX1. They are quite expensive and offer a plethora of features.
But… while reading reviews about them I slipped my eyes on FZ38 and… I knew this is the camera I need – price wise and features wise.

The beautiful HD movies it makes where the decisive factor in getting it.

So, now, here we are.


After a few days of use I’m impressed on the camera capabilities and quality for both pictures and movies.

A quick gallery link here:

Digital Photography

And a nice picture with this camera:

A short movie with our son:


All what remains now is for me to keep on reading and learning about DP.


Time passed…

So, time passed since I posted anything in here…

Part because I was lazy 🙂 and part due to different happenings in my life. Some minor health issues, a little accident with the new car (doh!), kids growing up and eating more and more time, and so on.

What changed? Not much, not few. Still flowing with the life, still searching for what I am 🙂 Still watching stuff passing by my eyes…

I’ll be short on this post, more will follow on various subjects, like the one related to my new super-zoom photo camera FZ38…