Lumix … what’s Lumix?

Well, Lumix is a sub-brand. From Panasonic. And it’s a name which can be found on the front of my new super-zoom photo camera FZ38.
I won’t be listing up whole spec sheets here but a link to a review I liked can fill in the knowledge gaps related to this camera.

Photography Blog Review

I started the quest to get a new camera since my old shooting camera (Panasonic NV21) gave up on her motric skills…
So, in the beginning I was torn between Canon SX1 IS and Sony HX1. They are quite expensive and offer a plethora of features.
But… while reading reviews about them I slipped my eyes on FZ38 and… I knew this is the camera I need – price wise and features wise.

The beautiful HD movies it makes where the decisive factor in getting it.

So, now, here we are.


After a few days of use I’m impressed on the camera capabilities and quality for both pictures and movies.

A quick gallery link here:

Digital Photography

And a nice picture with this camera:

A short movie with our son:


All what remains now is for me to keep on reading and learning about DP.


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