A view of the close world – from the past

Some lost tidbits from the past, saving them here.

Looking ahead, but aware of the past. Linking myself only with what I need. Leaving the dust of the past to rest in peace, but barely afraid of the future. Whatever I am, whatever I do, there is something beyond the inherent aspect of the immediate action. There is something beyond the simple fact of lifting up my hand. There is the observer, the never sleeping IT, which stands behind all I do. But dormant often IT is.

The paradox of living on the edge of conscience. One foot in the Unknown and one foot in the Accepted Unknown. Weeeee.

As I walk through the Valley… oops, wrong one.
As I stay in touch with the world around I can only wonder.
So many mirrors, so many reflections. So much to be revealed and so much remains unknown. And, something that just “jumped” in, from abroad:
“Intelligent people know others.
Enlightened people know themselves.
You can conquer others with power,
But it takes true strength to conquer yourself.
Ambitious people force their will on others,
But content people are already wealthy.
Prudent people will abide.
People unconquered by the idea of death will live long.
People who live according to their means last long.”

As much of the close world. Or layer. Or aspect.
As far of the “far” world, of level of perception, there are many things happening.

Looks like we are living in truly interesting times.

May all the beings in existence live in the Light.


An old dream

From summer 2009…

So I wake up in a dream, as always, as forever, in the village of my childhood.
I dream so I exist… in the world beyond this one. The second nature, the second sight, the vision of my alternate destiny, a probable future of unknown proportions.

A Black Halo, a night illuminated by the electric light of Heavens.

I walk on that road of never-ending dust, I walk towards the bridge. And then I raise my hands into the wind… Oh, the all present wind which engulfs me in the dreams. How could I forgot the wind, the storm, the I of the Storm?

Raising my hands, I ascend above the ground, the plains, the houses, the sleeping spirits of the land. I embrace the feeling and I know there is so much more out there. And I fly and I dream on, forever, Infinity and night. A Black Halo.

At a certain time I intent to go up, so much above the river, and then… it comes… it hits me, it drifts me, it carries me apart, away .. into the night. Oh, how could I forget the wind, the sky, the unlimited? The wind is taking me to the ground again, it’s not the time for me to touch the sky.

Some night, some dream, some other try, I will raise to take a look into the well of Eternity, to touch the tears of an angel. Some life, some flight, some other traveling into the realm of beyond.

My sleep, my halo, my light, my dream… it’s just not mine… the Infinity dreams what I am.

The second step – Sannyas

The are a lot of misconceptions about what is and what is not a sannyasin…

All I can present bellow is not quite my view, but something I agree with strongly. And as always Osho is the greatest source of inspiration when it comes to all things Nagual related 🙂

There is nothing to oppose the world to a sannyasin. The only thing to be left behind is the ego, the ignorance, the “I am” identification. I know this sounds like a cheap movie quote… but who really cares what it sounds like if this is the ultimate way. To be a sannyasin does not mean to give up on your life, it means to know yourself, to live at the fullest. The world remains as it is, we are the ones changing, we start watching inwards. The awakened one doesn’t need to give up on anything, everything which is vain will fall down like a dead leaf.

The search for the truth beyond all veils is not “for” or “against” the “world”; this search is related directly to the real identity of the human being. It’s more like an alchemical sublimation, changing lead into gold, thru a leap beyond any possible explanation.

Sannyas is like a rebirth, a genesis under the light of the real know-what process. Do not get me wrong, using words like “light” or “genesis” are just a means to approximate a process, a happening, a walk on the blade of the katana… And words in fact cannot describe the final leap.
And sannyas, the search, the breathing, the look-inside-process is growing progressively in the one who seeks, the one who had a glimpse of what is beyond the veil. Sannyas does not impose anything, it is just a mean to open up your eyes and heart, to give up on attachments, links and chains, excuses and masks. And once again we turn to the time factor, just leave the past to be and feel the present. The future will unfold as needed, but every temporal wave is just another opportunity to be the ultimate observer, up or down, lost in the ocean of existence. Just observe.

So many words, so many ideas come and go, like clouds on the sky mirror. It’s time to stop. Always for me, always for the ones who feel the call. That’s all I know, stopping the inner flow of thoughts is the sannyas way, the rest will come to overflow whatever is left in this life. I write here and now in a state of observance, a state where all that comes in this mind passes by the unthinking judge and sides by whatever “I” call “I”. Is a wonderful opportunity for me to watch and learn from whatever the mind spits out.

That’s it for now, a second step I could say, but who’s there to count? Who’s there to hear the sound of a single clapping hand?

“You can go on changing the outer for lives and you will never be satisfied; something or other will remain to be changed. Unless the inner changes, the outer can never be perfect.” – Osho


The first step – Here and now

Is this the first step? …

Only trying we can find out. But first we have to live in the present, we have to resist the temptation of thinking about the past or the future.
The past is only an effect of our own memory and the future… is only imagination, it has no actual consistency.
The only real thing/feeling is the present and the truth can only be revealed in the present. Nothing else is real, except the “right now” moment you are living.

And then there is the “wish” and the “conscience”…
The conscience is present in the reflection process and in the meditational process. In the first case it is “objective” and in the second it is “subjective” (I hope to get the right English words 🙂 ). So, even if you think, act or “meditate” the conscience is there, the all-seeing eye. The conscience is always present either we live “through” it or not. Everything in the living is a process, an ever-changing reality, but the conscience is there to see all. So, what’s the point of repeating all of this? If you can “know” the inner self then reality is revealed. But, then the self cannot be revealed through action, prayer, rituals or special techniques… The inner self is witnessing all of this effort, is separate. So we/you/I have to stop…

And the point is we get back to the act of non-doing, of stopping the mill, the ever rolling wheel of the mind. And all we have to do is turn back to ourself.
The self is revealed when the waves have settled down, when there are no more thoughts to disturb the final reflection. Drop down the mind’s baggage and let the present fill in.

A quiet world, a vast space, a full nothingness.

And that is all for today, nothing else to say…