The first step – Here and now

Is this the first step? …

Only trying we can find out. But first we have to live in the present, we have to resist the temptation of thinking about the past or the future.
The past is only an effect of our own memory and the future… is only imagination, it has no actual consistency.
The only real thing/feeling is the present and the truth can only be revealed in the present. Nothing else is real, except the “right now” moment you are living.

And then there is the “wish” and the “conscience”…
The conscience is present in the reflection process and in the meditational process. In the first case it is “objective” and in the second it is “subjective” (I hope to get the right English words 🙂 ). So, even if you think, act or “meditate” the conscience is there, the all-seeing eye. The conscience is always present either we live “through” it or not. Everything in the living is a process, an ever-changing reality, but the conscience is there to see all. So, what’s the point of repeating all of this? If you can “know” the inner self then reality is revealed. But, then the self cannot be revealed through action, prayer, rituals or special techniques… The inner self is witnessing all of this effort, is separate. So we/you/I have to stop…

And the point is we get back to the act of non-doing, of stopping the mill, the ever rolling wheel of the mind. And all we have to do is turn back to ourself.
The self is revealed when the waves have settled down, when there are no more thoughts to disturb the final reflection. Drop down the mind’s baggage and let the present fill in.

A quiet world, a vast space, a full nothingness.

And that is all for today, nothing else to say…


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