A view of the close world – from the past

Some lost tidbits from the past, saving them here.

Looking ahead, but aware of the past. Linking myself only with what I need. Leaving the dust of the past to rest in peace, but barely afraid of the future. Whatever I am, whatever I do, there is something beyond the inherent aspect of the immediate action. There is something beyond the simple fact of lifting up my hand. There is the observer, the never sleeping IT, which stands behind all I do. But dormant often IT is.

The paradox of living on the edge of conscience. One foot in the Unknown and one foot in the Accepted Unknown. Weeeee.

As I walk through the Valley… oops, wrong one.
As I stay in touch with the world around I can only wonder.
So many mirrors, so many reflections. So much to be revealed and so much remains unknown. And, something that just “jumped” in, from abroad:
“Intelligent people know others.
Enlightened people know themselves.
You can conquer others with power,
But it takes true strength to conquer yourself.
Ambitious people force their will on others,
But content people are already wealthy.
Prudent people will abide.
People unconquered by the idea of death will live long.
People who live according to their means last long.”

As much of the close world. Or layer. Or aspect.
As far of the “far” world, of level of perception, there are many things happening.

Looks like we are living in truly interesting times.

May all the beings in existence live in the Light.


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