As the leaves fall

… the autumn is here. The time is passing, the Sun is shinning, the Earth is spinning.
Where am I in all this? Where I choose to be.

The changes I imposed upon me are rooting deeper. The fire of what I intent to be is burning inside.
My body has adapted wonderfully to the new food regime, the new “workout” and things are looking good.

Now the questions is … who is Scooby? 🙂 Well, he’s a nice web-figure discovered by me lately. And his work helped me a lot setting out my “playground”. Not much to say here, just a link to his website: Scooby’s Workshop

On the other hand i was reading a nice article on TOTB: Parkour … Reading this one I remember something that really fascinated me: Damien Walters . I don’t have many comments here, if anyone is reading this blog and it will check the links, he/she will understand the impact.

Back to the autumn stuff, the cold did not stop me using my bike! I’m still riding, still enjoying the runs and I’m pushing myself harder everyday. And I’m happy!

Back to the drawing board now …


Just listening

A memory from when I was 17 … haunts me.

“You can’t expect to see him and survive
You’ll swallow his tongue of thorns
His mouth, dripping with flies
In his glorious kingdom of fire
But I believe he wept
I will make them all lie down
Down where hope lies dying
With lust, you’re kicking mankind to death
We live and die without hope
You tramp us down in a river of death
As I stand here now, my heart is black
I don’t want to die a lonely man
This is a weary hour
This is a weary hour”

Elend – The Angel and the Dark River – The cry of mankind

… it is done