On the verge of change

As summer ended, and autumn took over, the cold is sweeping through nature, the wind is scattering the leaves…

As time goes by, I stop and listen. I listen to the inner call which tells me to walk on the katana blade, as always … There is no space for mistake when heaven and hell are side by side. A soul’s journey is never-ending until the great finale puts an end to all struggle.

What’s the same and what’s changed?
Well, beyond the mental journey, I feel good. The food regime is showing good results, i gave up some weight and added more muscle. I no longer feel sleepy and weak through the day, I have much more power to work and train. And training it is… daily routine now.
I never thought that running could mean so much, but it does. There is a subtle change in the body, there is a flow of energy which was not there before, or it was too weak to be felt.
For now I’m doing the intermediate stuff, Scooby style 🙂 And it really works.

What else is left? Oh, work and meetings and stuff. And after that family. And Brian has grown and he’s walking alone. And he’s great while Maya is more beautiful than ever.

Time to leave this page as it is …
Are there Storms abound?


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