Frozen winds outside, burning fire inside

It’s time for a quick update. As quick as I can 🙂

First, the winter is gaining momentum in this part of the world, the sky is bleak, the air is cold and the fog is encompassing all.

Second, the fire is burning inside. This means I’m still on the track. Life, family, job everything is rolling on as expected.

Getting to my training, I have advanced pretty well, 8 pull-ups and 11 km on the magnetic bike is a huge step forward for me. The body fat has gone down, the endurance and motivation has gone way up. And, due to training and healthy eating habits my metabolism is now adapted to the new demands. No more hunger, no more fatigue, no more head aches, just a fire burning inside. I feel great, alive and kicking :). Still, I’ll have to adjust some of my short-term goals…

For now I’m still using the 4 week training schedule for the main groups, Saturday being the only day when I do only cardio. Somehow I feel I’m closer to a plateau so I’m thinking on doing some drop-sets and more negatives (I lack a training partner too 😦 ).

On the job side, I got my ISTQB certification which is good considering this is my first exam after almost 10 years… But changes are hunting me around and I have to be prepared for new roles, new responsibilities, new challenges.

And for the end a nice video (obsession isn’t it?! )….


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