No pain … no gain

The title may be misleading… a bit :). It’s a classic quote I know, but for me it had the most impact when I read it on Scooby’s site Scooby . And it’s true, I swear! Doh…

So, back to me now. There is pain indeed, but there is also gain. The pain fades away but the gains remain. So, I was able to achieve my goal regarding the treadmill for this year. Yep, 7 km running in 50 minutes. I know the time can and has to be improved lots, but for a few months training at my age I feel it’s right where it should be.
Second, I’m able to do 8 pull-ups non-assisted, up from just 1 four months ago. Then a part where I have mixed feelings (not sure why…) -> I’m at 70.8 kg down from 74. My body fat percentage has gone down to 16% from 19% so all is pink on the horizon, even if I’m eating 3000 calories (or kc anyway) /day. The mixed feeling comes from the fact I didn’t get “enough” muscle, I only lost fat 🙂 … laughing now, silly me, losing fat is no monkey business.

What’s up ahead? Well, this question arises in my mind often. I will not stop, I will try harder but smarter. As I keep on reading on the subject I find out more and more information, I redefine my objectives and the actual means to get them completed. I change and adapt, I walk on and soon I’ll be running. I feel different, I am stronger, faster, better, I feel that now I can achieve more. My body has adapted to the new rhythm, the mind is focused on what has to be done, there is a subtle flow, a link from the intent to the physical aspect. So I will run …

In the end, as a quick de-focusing, I find out who created the awesome banner I’m using on the top for my blog.
It’s an artist activating on DeviantArt Elestrial which has some nice art pieces there. Bellow it’s another piece of work which brings back memories …

Till next time.


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