A new year

The new year started with mixed feelings, mixed bags of ideas, actions and reactions.

What was achieved? Lots I would say. Brian is alive! That’s the most important thing I think. Then we are all healthy and sound (especially Brian -> “storming” the house everyday). My Lady is fighting for her own goals, Maya is doing her best and I … I changed.

On the mind domain I’m not that satisfied, too much mind is not good for my health, gotta tone it done more. The mill is spinning too much…
On the physical side of the things I’m satisfied and motivated, as I said, I wanna be much more than I am now.
Weight is still around 70, but I increased my strength to double of what was 6 months ago.

For this year I’ve set a few goals, small incremental steps in various domains. Remembering where I am and what I can and want to achieve. For the moment the progress is great, but I feel tired – no wonder since the intensity of the training is near the top. So, I need more rest, reducing the cardio is one of the steps, not sure is the right one.

As a side story, for the long-term, I’ve set an ambitious goal till I get 40 🙂 – to train and get a black belt in taekwondo. Should not take more than 3 years from the moment I start the effective training. We’ll see…
As the year started I was asking myself several times what is the thing/feeling which motivates me to work hard in this direction. The only answer I found for now is that I’m just sick of being … sick. I no longer want to live on meds, feel weak and just aging like the others without a goal, a will to be more. And in a few months the results started hitting me in a positive way, so why stop now? Feeling special?! Perhaps that too, but it’s a positive change. Comparing myself to others? Yes and no, not sure how “bad” this habit is…

So, if no major doom kicks in, this year seems to be a good year for all plans. Just gotta work smarter…


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