And now …

“And now, the Yoga discipline.

Yoga is the absence of mind fluctuations.

At that moment the observer is centered upon himself.

In all other states there is a blend with the mind fluctuations.”


Not hard to read, but hard to grasp. Yoga Sutra is the master piece of an entire universe. A book of science I would say. There is nothing mystical or poetical about this book. All is exact, all is drawn in clear lines. Because Patanjali talks to the mind of ration not to the dreaming self.

We all live in a great illusion, a world of tomorrow, a world of illusion and hope. Dreaming always, rarely awake, always projecting in the future, always eluding the present. If not in the future then the mind will chose the past, but never the present. The mind cannot exist in the present, only the spirit within can withheld the force of the living moment, the immense pressure of HERE and NOW. The mind is reduced to nothing, like the darkness which vanishes when we lit up a candle.

Why HERE, why NOW? Because I have to remember… Only repeating, only stepping on the eternal stair again and again there is a chance to stop the wheel.

And why Yoga? Because this path has nothing to do with beliefs. Nothing. One has to DO only one simple thing… practice. There is no need for beliefs, for fights, for scriptures or any other mental tricks, the practice will reveal what is in store for us, because Yoga is experimental and existential. Yoga is a death and rebirth in the same time. The old will die in you and the new one will rise to meet the sky.

In the beginning there is a simple word … “Now”. It’s all about this word, since Yoga exists only in the present, it’s the practice one lives in. Yoga is not a scripture, a philosophical speculation, but a real act, of life and death. From this simple “Now” a new intent, a new being can take flight. Stop the mind and spawn wings of attention, practice with focus and all is changing.

“Chitta-vritti-nirodha” ->”Yoga is the absence of mind fluctuations.” . We can read this as the best definition there it is for this discipline. The non-mind state, the absence of all ego, wishes, hopes, beliefs, religions … and activities. Once, in China there was an emperor and like emperors he was stressed and confused and consumed by “power”. He heard about Bodhidharma and went to him asking if there is a way to silence his mind. And Bodhidharma said: “There is nothing you have to do. Tomorrow morning just come to me and bring me your mind, your fears, your problems and I will deal with them”… Long story short, the emperor was unable to sleep all night searching for his mind and being afraid of Bodhidharma. But, in the end he went back to the master and he told him that he can’t give his mind because the mind and all it’s problems are inside. So, Bodhidharma agreed (in a way) and told the emperor to sit down and close his eyes and look inside and catch his mind.  The emperor sat down and looked and searched going deeper and deeper in the void space inside. And then at a glimpse of time he realized …  the mind was only an activity, there was nothing to be found. And a light of understanding started to shine on his face. He opened his eyes, bowed to Bodhidharma and left. It looks like most of us are emperors after all…


When the mind stops, then the observer is set within himself. When one can watch without thinking, judging, without choosing then the mind will stop.


And now it’s time for me to stop.

Thanks Osho for the inspiration.




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