The five minds

“There are five mind modifications. They can bring pain or not.

They are: the correct knowledge, the wrong knowledge, imagination, sleep and memory”

So, now, we are back on the track. Analyzing this, analyzing that, and then we stop. And then we can see. The mind is the source of suffering and in the same time can be the vehicle of freedom. It’s only one mind step in the right direction, turning back to yourself and there it is, the realization that  the answer is inside, not outside in books and words…

In essence, what all Yoga methods do is that they try to control the mind. And succeeding in this, in time, the mind becomes non-mind. Even a Buddha will use his mind, but in his case the mind has become just simple slave, it’s no longer the master.  A non-mind is like a mirror, if you stay in front of it will reflect you, if you go away then the mirror will be void, empty.

Then there are the categories, long story short story, only being outside of the process will bring clarity.

And so I stop now…


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