A stop to remember

Well, sometimes, my own body wants to remember me that no matter how powerful you are there are factors and things that can turn you upside down. That’s right I feel sick, not very sick but enough to skip training for a day or two until I recover.

I suspect that it’s something I ate so time to clear the table and drop the usual suspects. And to counter the effects lots of mint tea and some meds (easy ones).

This whole affair forced me to stop and look inside and remember about life’s fragility and dependency on whatever it is we interact with. Fighting, fighting but equilibrium in everything is the real key. And to be honest with myself I really pushed my body to the limits lately for the simple reason IT CAN do more than ever. Regular training plus calisthenics made me feel stronger and stronger but a bit more tired every day. So, as a reminder I have to take more care about recovery and nutrition.  A new batch of vitamins is on the “horizon”, I hope it will help me stay tuned better.

Adaptation is the key to everything as long there is consciousness to “see” it.



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