Easter time and hopes

Who does not have hopes?

I think a man without hopes is … hopeless … indeed 🙂

Back to my yard, things are relatively OK. I’m taking a week of (first this year) from job, in a way I’m retreating to the place of my childhood. Again. Easter is here so it’s time to visit the village…

My hopes are given to the future but prayers are rooted in the present. For there is only present to live in.  I hope to be healthy and focused on what’s important for me, I hope for my family to be well and sound, and the rest like everything else is in the hands of God.

On various interest domains, I gave up on WoW for now, started preparing for ISTQB advanced while circling the 3D/visual arts. Also changed the sound system (Wharfedale + Yamaha). And, since it’s warmer, I started using my bike for all town “walks”. No more cardio indoors … 10 km/day on the bike should suffice.

Be back soon.

Have a nice Easter everyone.