In A Dark Pavilion

So I stay on track.

So I dream of never-ending dreams.

Even a thousand dreams could not fill the vast emptiness in me.  But, this emptiness is not about the usual life, don’t get me wrong. I’m quite happy and fulfilled in “real-life”. I’m talking about the Spirit’s journey into the unbounded Universe. The scope, the way to be the one to reach higher and in the same time lower, the purpose of being here and now.

So I stay, in a Dark Pavilion. I watch the unfolding reality, I watch the stars moving on the sky drape, I listen to the songs of the inner forest. And then or after or meantime there is silence. So, who am I? The silence?

I tend to stray away but then I slip back on the track. Not I, but the thing that calls himself I…


A drop of rain

A ray o light

A dream of sky

A sky of dreams….


In tender words I tend to say

That there’s nothing left today

For me to dream, for me to lay

At stones unknown by minds astray.





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