Dream chase


I woke up in the morning. I watch the sky and then I remember.

I was chased by the  moon wolves, I was running for my life and, as always I found refugee in the primordial space where my childhood bloomed. In there I simple watched over what I hold dear and killed the wolves.  A simple  dream, but I rarely dream of wolves… However, in the end, dreams can be more or less of what we make of them.

And now, returning to present. Lots of changes lately: job change, focus change, etc. change :). But all is good, still on my path to become more and less in the same time. A bit worried about what goes round&round around the world, but what else can I do but observe and get ready? Physical training moves in the right direction even if I no longer have access to a proper gym; training in the house still gives impressive results for now. And the rest … is wavering.  Sometimes I’m crystal clear, other times the fog of irrationality covers my mind’s eye. So, again and again I have to stop the mill, to take a break and become the observer once more.

Now at the end, there are more questions than answers… Directions? Directives? Stories or dreams? …. There is just a nebulous road ahead, with hell and heaven on the sides … or so they sing. Sing … a Song for Ancestors.


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