Surge of power

Quite tired now… No rest,  just an eerie sensation, a feeling of spent away. In truth I had a blast in the gym, back and biceps training plus some shoulders.
Was good to go beyond the normal routine, to surpass previous limits.
And now I need a rest.


I choose life

… and here I am.

Alive and kicking. Time passes by, but my focus is the same. To become more and less in the same time. After 23 years I was able to stop an important part of the ego, I was able to cast away one of the biggest shadows on my soul. Now I am renewed, focused and in control.

So, yes, I choose life, I choose to live as I want to. Spiritually the mind is more serene, fading away easier. In physical body terms I discover new limits to push beyond and I feel I’m much stronger than ever before.

Family is doing good too. My Lady is getting back in shape and this fills me up with joy and respect for her. And the little angels are growing up, facing a world on the brink….

I thank God for what I was given, for what I am and pray for His mercy for the times ahead.

And then I stop… and let the life be my ultimate guide.