The joy of a silent mind, the joy of living

There are steps. Some small, some big. Some bring evolution, some bring another perspective.

For me, the most important steps are those towards my inner self. It seems that being around with Osho helped.

I sat down to meditate and there it was. The silence was stalking me. As usual. But… something was different, there was a new dimension. The dimension of let it “go”. It was no longer a search for the “perfect breath” but a relaxation. And then it came. The joy of living, the joy of being self-aware, of being content with just what I am.

The magic of no mind happened again after so many years. It didn’t last for long, but the seed is blooming. I know, I feel, I am more and less in the same time. More silence, less ego. Says the ego 🙂

Words offer just a shadow of the real experience. So these words are limited, I admit, but the joy of being alive, of just being was there. And I will look again for it.

Until there is no more I.

Heaven and Earth… Thank you. Silence of the Mind.


Osho, you are welcomed in my life



Rediscovering an old friend. An old feeling, but new in the same time. Thanks to a powerful “energy jolt” from someone I started experimenting with … Osho.

Not much else to say, since I’m dwelling into silence.