Now I really feel in the middle of the flow.

35 springs have passed since I was born. Looking back I see the course of a normal life. And the light of the Divine guiding me when I was open enough.

I’m thankful for all that was and is. I have hopes for what is to come, but I know that it’s up to me mostly to make it count.

I stop my mind, I empower my body, I long to be better in each way I can. ┬áBut I’m still a Dreamer … not a Stalker.

Into the Light.


To MMA or to the rest room…?

So, on the physical plane I’m ready to workout on the next level.
Will start MMA training 2 times a week. And I really hope I can keep up with this besides the training…
I’ll see how it works for 1 month and then I intend to take 1 week break.
Tired mouse is tired.