A great and inspiring post. It really stopped the flow of my mind. Thanks for the translation and this piece of wisdom.
There is work to be done!

Sat Sangha Salon

G. I. Gurdjieff: The Last Hour of Life


Translation from Russian by Alexandra Kharitonova, with free English rendering by Reijo Oksanen – unearthed by Ilya Kotz & Avi Solomon of the Jerusalem Nyland Group

Imagine, that you have only a few minutes, maybe an hour left to live; somehow you have discovered exactly when you will die. What would you do with this precious hour of your stay on Earth? Would you be able to complete all your things in this last hour, do you have a conscious idea about how to do it?

And letting go your last breath would you feel satisfaction from knowing that you have done everything possible in this life to fulfill that you are constantly present, always vibrating, always waiting, like the son is waiting for the father-sailor? In the manifested world everything has its beginning and its end. In the Real World…

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