Adrift the mind, there are no more thoughts, just pure sounds of the infinite darkness. The I floats on the waves, the breathing is slow and focused. The past and future have been erased, there is only here and now. Overwhelming, impetuous, frightening. Here and now. In the face of the present, the mind is silent, there is just the flow and the sound.

A cut in fabric of the web, the light, the sky can be seen.  What else could there be? The beat, the indefinite momentum grabs hold of the soul, and lost in contemplation it is. No real words can describe the feeling, the flowing, the flight, the awareness of the present. In this present there is no mind. The thoughts that arrive are just written down and then buried in the past.

And Osho watches me… The always remembering feeling, emotion and nothingness. Only a presence remains, so subtle I cannot grasp it. It just stops me, it stops the flow, it breaks the clouds of doubt.

Velvet silence covers me and nothing remains, a nothingness so rich and full of life, a vibrant existence of here and now.

Another stop of the mind. Celebrating.



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