A small gesture, a life to be saved

A little dog

A little dog

Not much history here, just that sometimes, a simple gesture can save a life. We were on a long car ride and my Lady saw this small dag crying on the edge of the road, abandoned, hungry and thirsty. So … we stopped and she decided to take him with us.

The kids were in awe, the little dog was afraid. But then, he felt that there were open hearts for him and he was happy.

Sometimes, small gestures bring big smiles.

P.S. The dog is now living in the country side, with an old man and his other animals. He’s enjoying freedom and care.



Time flows.
I observe.
I remain.
Or so this ego thinks.
Dissolution awaits.

Light blooms in me. The dream is dreamed. Stepping on heavenly stones I watch the darkness and the smile arises.
I am who I am.


Mirror’s Edge…

So close, so far…

Life is a precious gift, so often we take as granted. Life is a miracle in itself, the will of God manifested. And so we waste it often …

I just passed through a few days of heavy fever, filling ill and disrupted. I speak as the past has gone, as I remember and wonder.

What are we in the face of the Universe, of God ?… But mere sand drops, lost in temporal and entropy…

What is that gives us the insight of something more, beyond what we could ever see…

Only through awareness an answer can be found and even then the one who asks has to dissolve.


Just more babbling from me, I know… or do I? Well, I’m getting old John, getting old…

Good night