Silence of the shadows

Life has become a game. A game of Light and Shadows.

As there are no Shadows without a Light, there is no worry. The Shadows just reveal more from what there is, they do not hide, they just encompass what is to be seen when there is more than meets the eye.

Outlines and over lines, all becomes a dance, a flow, a swirl of momentum. Feelings undiscovered yet fill the empty space I become. A wave is flooding what remains, and yet the dissolved I remains. The I without name, without shape, a molding nothingness. There is no Dark or Light, there is the Here and Now, a fulcrum of Light and Shadows.

The joy of remembering becomes the joy of breathing. The joy of running becomes the joy of stopping. The mind is just a tool, a flute for the divine Light to sing until there is no mind left. Rays and sounds, petals of ultimate flowers become clouds devastating the realms of inner turmoil.

So, everything becomes a running, a vortex of what was, what is, what will be. And yet still, immobile, the observer is present, it just is. Without a flinch all creation flows around, even if it never could be really understood…

And then I stop. To see the blooming Life.  Every flower drops a Shadow when basked in Light.



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