Of Dreams and Realities

There are journeys and journeys. There are a thousand fingers to point at the Moon. 

What path will one choose to just look at the Moon?

A recent discussion brought me back to the aspect of dreams and other realities. Facing again aspects or facets of knowledge, of Power. Some will chose the dreams, the visions, the game of light in the mirrors. 

For me, even if I’m not fully aware of it, it remains the final scope, Freedom. Freedom from dreams, realities, spaces, times, ideas. It’s the freedom to chose, not to be chosen. The freedom to be centered and borderless, to observe everything and anything what flows. For me it’s no longer a question of what finger to use when watching the Moon, it’s just a question of when there will be no separation between me and Infinity.  Death is the most probable answer since I know I’m not fully dedicated to the path. But I walk and I Live. I breath and I feel. So, why worry?

Dreams, especially the lucid ones, are indeed powerful. They usually left me with a taste of the unknown, a bitter-sweet taste, a longing which tears up apart the laziness of the “real life”. I take them as they come and go, some of them I write down, but in the end I watch them merely as omens and maybe tools. Of exploration. 

We all face choices, we all face crossroads. 

What will you choose? 

I have chosen. 





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