Remember me

A little song which deeply resonates with the solitude aspect of my being. Not that I feel alone, just that it really resonates.


Once upon a time there was a charming prince
Warm soul and arms of steel
but luckless on his love…

Once upon a time an angel prayed for him
they had a destiny…
Remember it…

Oh please, remember it…

Though the shadows tried to keep
our hearts away forever!!
it never came true.
My love was within you…

Once upon a time there was an evil hag
Was known as Lady Dark,
who made me wonder…

And before I knew it,
she poisoned my heart
And drowned yours with this sorrow…
And you’re gone.
And I’m just torn…

Please forgive me!!
Please forgive me!!!
don’t be apart of me…

I’ll keep
Remembrances of you
Until heaven takes me, with him…
I’ll need it to survive…
without your love!!

Please remember me… Ooh!
oh , please remember me
just remember me…
‘Cause I’ll remember you…

Ivan Torent – Remember Me


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