Another Ghost in the Shell

Now I remember.

There was a fleeting moment, a glimpse into myself, a self mirroring.  The mind was crunching again notions, facts, happenings and fortunately the Observer was … observing. For each moment remembered there was an “I” until there occurred a realisation – between the “I” and the next “I” it was a translation, a jump, a stretching, a … something… and “I” lost its meaning. To put this into words, hard it is… “I” became a self viewed process, became the ghost outside the shell.

Since then, a shadow of doubt obscures my view, I look, I listen, I perceive .. but is it all the same? I feel like a buoy in an infinite sea, having roots but still too much weight to always stay above the waves. Sun, sea, sky and me. And infinite crossroads. What do I choose? How do I struggle? What is the meaning of the “I”?

A Ghost in the Shell. The name of an animation movie which left me longing and thinking. It had a certain impact on me, a message to receive beyond the actual techno-fantasy it presents. A message about trans-humanity, about an uncertain type of future. The swan song of humanity as we know it.

Still searching.

Distant rays



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