The great divide

It is happening. Not always, but from time to time.

A glimpse, that is. A door that opens.

I find myself on the edge of something. Something which I cannot really put into words, just metaphors. It’s like sitting on an edge. An edge of something. Something like a great ocean, or a great cascade of silence. A vast view of nothing to remember, a great pause of all I know. Let’s name it Nagual or … whatever. It doesn’t matter the name, just the impact. I just sit there and See. The Great Divide. Just being. Samsara and the Unknown, face to face. I’m not split at that moment, I’m just the Observer. The feeling transcends all feelings or thoughts. Because there are none. The mill has stopped. Infinity is stalking me…

The moment has enough power to shake me. A glimpse of … what I cannot really describe. It’s magic, beyond words and yet… the road unfolds ahead.

After a while the train of thoughts starts marching again.

But I remember.

And I will Hunt and I will return. I will Stalk the self, I will Hunt the I and then the Dream will unfold again.