Unreal to see, to feel, to be.

Aplace myself floating on the waves of time.

Running to catch Eternity, but always one step behind.

Reading arcane truths, misspelled  for an aging humanity.

Unveiled mysteries lying around, to be ignored in favor of ephemeral dreams.

A circle, a barrier, a line to the edge of conscience, all lays on a vision seeded in perceptual shadows.

Frozen dreams, shards of memories, butterfly effects laying waste to encroaching Shadowrealms.

Who am I? …

Deep silence inside, misplaced, un-judgement of a life vortex.

I look behind, but dream ahead, I breath the Light and embrace the Dark.

A Raven flight over green fields, a Dragon’s breath under an infinite sky, no words to describe the fields of Life.

Who am I?…

Dreaming or being dreamed.