And then I saw


There was only darkness around. It was safe. The usual night.

And then the dream bloomed. A city, some city, no name, no identity. Tall buildings, no souls around.

I ascend, the wonderful sensation of flying through space, by mind alone.

And then I look at my hands … and I smile. I became Aware and Present. I fly with speed through the Dark City. I watch the dark sky and then my hands again. Descending to the ground, the wonder of the silvery light fills me.

I walk and I see strange gardens with dark flowers. Looking around yellow lights follow me… and I still wonder that I have so much energy to sustain the flight and the Awareness.

On a glimpse a dark tall building appears, like a mausoleum, made of dark granite, like an old castle. I fly to the top and then the energy starts dropping… With a last effort I manage to grab the ledge and get myself up on the roof.

Looking around I see only Fog.

The end.




Dream chase


I woke up in the morning. I watch the sky and then I remember.

I was chased by the  moon wolves, I was running for my life and, as always I found refugee in the primordial space where my childhood bloomed. In there I simple watched over what I hold dear and killed the wolves.  A simple  dream, but I rarely dream of wolves… However, in the end, dreams can be more or less of what we make of them.

And now, returning to present. Lots of changes lately: job change, focus change, etc. change :). But all is good, still on my path to become more and less in the same time. A bit worried about what goes round&round around the world, but what else can I do but observe and get ready? Physical training moves in the right direction even if I no longer have access to a proper gym; training in the house still gives impressive results for now. And the rest … is wavering.  Sometimes I’m crystal clear, other times the fog of irrationality covers my mind’s eye. So, again and again I have to stop the mill, to take a break and become the observer once more.

Now at the end, there are more questions than answers… Directions? Directives? Stories or dreams? …. There is just a nebulous road ahead, with hell and heaven on the sides … or so they sing. Sing … a Song for Ancestors.

An old dream

From summer 2009…

So I wake up in a dream, as always, as forever, in the village of my childhood.
I dream so I exist… in the world beyond this one. The second nature, the second sight, the vision of my alternate destiny, a probable future of unknown proportions.

A Black Halo, a night illuminated by the electric light of Heavens.

I walk on that road of never-ending dust, I walk towards the bridge. And then I raise my hands into the wind… Oh, the all present wind which engulfs me in the dreams. How could I forgot the wind, the storm, the I of the Storm?

Raising my hands, I ascend above the ground, the plains, the houses, the sleeping spirits of the land. I embrace the feeling and I know there is so much more out there. And I fly and I dream on, forever, Infinity and night. A Black Halo.

At a certain time I intent to go up, so much above the river, and then… it comes… it hits me, it drifts me, it carries me apart, away .. into the night. Oh, how could I forget the wind, the sky, the unlimited? The wind is taking me to the ground again, it’s not the time for me to touch the sky.

Some night, some dream, some other try, I will raise to take a look into the well of Eternity, to touch the tears of an angel. Some life, some flight, some other traveling into the realm of beyond.

My sleep, my halo, my light, my dream… it’s just not mine… the Infinity dreams what I am.